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Cato Ridge Firearms LLC

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Trusted Experience

Scott Dallas is our owner and operator at Cato Ridge Firearms LLC in Vian, OK. Scott is an experienced gunsmith, certified NRA firearms instructor and NRA range-safety officer.

Scott Dallas

Kerryann Dallas

As a native of Oklahoma, Scott has enjoyed hunting and shooting-sports since childhood. His knowledge and respect for firearms came naturally, having grown up on a large farm, where there was always a need for firearms of different types.

Following college, Scott joined the fire service and eventually became a Law Enforcement Officer, completing 28 years of active duty before retiring in 2014.

While in law enforcement, Scott became a Police Firearms Instructor and Armorer.  Scott spent several years shooting in competitions and over 20 years training other officers how to shoot safely and efficiently.  Scott continues his passion to educate the public as a certified Gunsmith and NRA Firearms Instructor and Range Safety Officer.

Scott now enjoys being able to share his gunsmith and instructor career with wife, Kerryann – his favorite firearms instructor.

Kerryann Dallas is our Office Manager, certified NRA Instructor and Range Safety Officer.  A Texas native, Kerryann has enjoyed hunting and shooting since she was a child.

Her longtime desire to help others led Kerryann to become a Law Enforcement Officer in Oklahoma, completing five years of active duty before being disabled on the job.

Years of physical therapy have finally strengthened Kerryann to the point where she is once again wanting to help others learn how to shoot. Kerryann joins her husband, Scott, in operating our establishment as well as serving as a certified NRA Firearms Instructor and Range Safety Officer.

Kerryann is living proof that you can overcome a disability and challenges in life to still pursue your dreams.